About Us

After settling down in Australia in 2012 from Italy, We opened “Lola Lovely Gifts”, a shop in Thornbury, home to a wide range of items like jewellery, bags, scarfs and more, by some of Italy’s and Australia’s best designers.

“In Italy I had been a sales manager for ten years. I enjoyed every minute of it; I am passionate about customer service. In Melbourne we first started as wholesalers. Lola Lovely Gifts is just the natural evolution of our commercial strategies: we know what to import and where to place it in the market.”

About the choice to sell Italian design, which is largely appreciated in Australia, Grazia says: “We try hard to find a reasonable price-quality compromise when we’re looking for new products to bring here. We also like the idea of helping all those Italian brands that have a remarkable history, amazing products and an enormous potential but are struggling due to the economic crisis that has hit the country in the last few years.”